Featured Instructors

Joshua Latimer

Joshua Latimer started a business with nothing.  He grew it to over $150,000 a month in revenue, sold it and moved to Costa Rica with his family.

Chris Lambrinides

Chris Lambrinides is what Joshua calls a “High Achiever” and he has many unique attributes that contribute to his success.  Anyone can start a window cleaning business but not anyone can fully automate it and scale to over $300,000 per month.

Michael Dahlke

Michael started as a company doing about $60,000 per year in revenue, after only a few years they are pushing around $5,000,000.They use a combination of sales and strategic acquisitions strategies and now operate in multiple States.

Brandon Vaughn

Brandon scaled a very small company with zero employees to over 60 and went from $8k/mo to almost $500k/mo in less than 6 seasons. He was awarded the 2017 S.B.A Small Business Person of the Year for the state of Oregon, and now helps small business owners “systemize” their companies.

Sid Graef

Sid Graef started from scratch over 20 years ago. Through solid marketing he went from adding only 100 customers per year to adding over 100 new customers per month!, He now owns the most prominent window cleaning company in Montana and teaches others how to market their business.