Mike West

CEO / Coach

Mike West is a veteran entrepreneur that took his first company from start up to 33M in revenue while founding several other companies along the way. In 2007, he was confronted with the real estate/financial crash and saw his sales drop 75%. He successfully led the company through four more years of turmoil to a smooth landing and a lucrative exit with residual income. “I never want to retire from income, just eliminate time, stress and risk from the revenue equation.” By leading his company full cycle for over two decades, he feels his journey gives him a unique perspective to share with others. He currently owns a marketing company that markets home service providers to real estate agents. Mike believes every entrepreneur needs a “Wingman”

What am I most passionate about?

A commitment to excellence and integrity, above all else is my passion. Success is built upon each individual action that you take one day at a time. I am equally passionate about sharing my experiences with other entrepreneurs to help them achieve great success in work and life.

Mike's Coaching Philosophy

Building a successful business over time takes an unwavering commitment and perseverance. In addition, very few people have all the different skills necessary to go it alone. Doing it by yourself is the slowest and most painful path frequently leading to failure. Finding the right partner could be an option as well. However, the wrong partner will certainly lead to failure and misery. A ”Wingman” as your coach is the answer. An experienced Wigman/Coach can help get you to the next level. I believe the confidence that a person develops is their greatest weapon. You can become fearless instead of fearful.

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