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18 Lessons

Lesson 1 - Visual Goal Setting - (The Exact System You Need To Set And Hit Revenue Goals EVERY Time) with Joshua Latimer

Lesson 2 - High Ticket Sales Secrets - (The EXACT Process You Need To Average $1,000+ Average Tickets) with Brandon Vaughn

Lesson 3 - Understanding And Crafting The Perfect Value Proposition (And Why It Matters) with Curt Kempton

Lesson 4 - How To Quickly Find The Missing Cash In Your Business - (Plus The Exact Referral System Used By A $3,800,000 Business) with Howard Partridge

BONUS: Whale Fishing – How To Predictably Land Single Accounts Worth Over $100,000 Each with Christopher Phillips

Lesson 5 - The Step By Step Guide To Raising Your Prices 20% Overnight - (How To Do This + Why It Matters) with Sid Graef

Lesson 6 - Simple & Practical Use Of Yard Signs (And How People Do It Wrong) with Tim Fields

Lesson 7 - Smashing The Mental Barriers You Have With Pricing - (And Understanding The Psychology Of Selling) with Kevin Dubrosky

Lesson 8 - Expert Sales Closes - The 7 Fatal Mistakes Of Salesmen - (BONUS: How To Market For Rockstar Employees) with Brian Hegarty

Lesson 9 - Insider SEO Tips To Crush Your Competition - (And How You Can Do Them Yourself) with Casey Hamilton

Lesson 10 - The Attract-Sell-Wow System Used By A $7,000,000 Business - (BONUS: Complete Follow Up Guide) with Lisa MacQueen

Lesson 11 - How To Attach Emotion To Your Service For MASSIVE Profits - (And Why It Matters) with Tim Croll

Lesson 12 - Organizational Secrets Using Digital Tools - (Behind The Scenes On How To Get Massive Results With A Small Team) with Derreck Smallwood

Lesson 13 - How To Use Cold Email Sequences To Land HUGE Relationships And Accounts - (Secret Ninja Trick) with Gary Geiman

Lesson 14 - How To Properly Do Market Research And Why It Matters - (BONUS: Direct Mail Tips From A Guy Who Mailed 1,000,000 Pieces Per Year) with Chris Lambrinides

Lesson 15 - Step By Step Guide To Turning $19,000 Into $600,000 Using Google Adwords - with Gary Geiman

Lesson 16 - Expert Copy Writing Secrets For Home Service Businesses with Michael Goeller

Lesson 17 - Facebook Marketing Masterclass 101 & 102 with Derreck Smallwood