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The quality of an event is in direct proportion to the quality of people in attendance.
"Join Me And My Wife This Fall For An Exclusive Business Experience"
_ Josh Latimer
Where: Ludington, Michigan

October 22-25  (Group 1)
October 25-28  (Group 2)
"We Cant Wait To Serve You And Exceed Your Expectations"
_ Ashlee Latimer 
Subject: Join Us This Fall
From: Joshua Latimer
Whats Included?
  • Private: We are vetting all applicants and carefully selecting the very best!
  • Exclusive: Limited to only 30 companies!
  •  3 Nights - Hotel Fees Included: New hotel and conference center (with killer hot tub and pool)!
  •  All Meals Provided:  Hey, we are even throwing in snacks!
  •  Entertainment:  This is still a surprise!
  •  Travel To And From Hotel & Our Home:  You get to Grand Rapids, Michigan.  We do the the rest.
  •  LOTS of Secrets Included:  Shhh, we can't tell you everything :)
Join The Xperience 2017 Event
Whats The Cost?
Join The Xperience 2017 Event
So many people over the past year have asked me, "Josh, when can we get together in person and go deeper at a live event?"

Well, the time is NOW and I am so excited.

Originally I was planning on inviting 30 special people to join us at our new property in Ludington MI but after discussing it more with my wife we decided that it was important for each person to be able to bring a guest.

With that being said, each of the 30 limited spots includes you and a guest for the event.

Imagine being able to relax, connect and get clear about your business goals and future with someone close to you.

Imagine the fun, the learning, the laughing and the value that you will get by being in a room with so many other entrepreneurs just like you.

This is not a business conference, it is an EXPERIENCE.

What is it worth to your business to be able to get away and get quiet for 3 nights?


We have planned it all out and included it all.  Food, lodging, training materials, entertainment and two incredible venues (with one of them being our home!)
Lets talk business at the Castle House.... 
For years me and my wife have wanted to have a special kind of home.  We think big and we enjoy using our home as a place to help others do the same.

We have always wanted a secluded and cozy farm for our boys to grow up on and last summer we found it!

My wife calls it "The Fastle" because it is a farm house on the inside and a castle on the outside! (weird, right?)

We feel it is a perfect spot for you to relax, get clear and re-energized about your business.

Located near a popular tourist destination, Ludington, MI we bought 23 acres of rolling hills and total privacy.

Your business can survive without you for a few days while you pack in new knowledge, relationships and FUN in order to thrust your business to the top when you return home.

We want special kinds of people

These are the people I'm committed to - Is that you?
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Brand New Hotel And Conference Center Only Minutes From Our Home!
Peaceful 23 Acres To Connect With Us And Others Each Night After The Conference
Modern Business Center With Every Amenity All Included In The Xperience
Luxurious And Comfortable Hotel Rooms For 3 Nights Included
Incredible Botique Venue For Our Daily Sessions And Relaxing
Relax Each Night In An Oversized Hot Tub And Pool Area
Check Out What Ludington, MI Has To Offer
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