Employee Resources (continued)

Employee Resources and General Policy (continued)

Now that you have had a chance to read our handbook lets talk about some resources available to you! 

As a company we strive to make your time with us an opportunity for growth. We know that the position you are currently in may not be the position you want to stay in long term so we offer a wide variety of learning tools both on our website and 3rd party resources. 

Some of those resources include:
Canity: an amazing tool used to grow you into your position and excel into higher management style rolls.

MonkeyPod Marketing: This resource can help you master Infusionsoft and help you create a firm understanding of marketing and automation inside of InfusionSoft

AGS Online Courses: Courses such as the Home Service Super Summit have many amazing resources for you as an Admin to get a better understanding of how to be the best you can be in your role at our Company

Our team wants you to be the BEST you can be – so if there are other resources that you want to have access to, outside of ones we offer, please let someone on our leadership team know!